Welcome to the Res Iudicata Association website!

Our common thinking about the judicial profession gave birth to Res Iudicata Association, composed of judges. In our personal experience, the judiciary is still the least understood branch of power, but still comes into contact with almost everyone in the course of some proceedings in their lives, and our work is often the focus of public interest and social criticism. Unfortunately, in both the adult and adolescent communities, there is little information and relatively one-sided knowledge about the functioning of the courts, the work of the judiciary and the path to judicial decisions. 

We also encounter many questions every day:

 What exactly do the courts do in the first place?
Why do we need courts to be independent?
Why do cases keep dragging on?
What does a judge do all day?
How can a judge be impartial?
What is the difference between a judge and a lawyer?
Do we also have juries?
Why does someone defend themselves without being detained?

This is why we think that showing ourselves is so important.

We ourselves have frequently heard the opinion that judges are stuck in an “ivory tower”, so through our events, presentations, workshops and publications we would like to make the importance and activities of independent courts, an important pillar of society, more understandable and bring judges closer to the people whose cases they decide. We believe that such an encounter can yield useful knowledge for everyone.

Our association became a member organization of Magistrats Européens pour la Democratie et les Libertés (MEDEL) in 2023. We have become part of a large family of European judges and prosecutors committed to an independent judiciary governed by the rule of law, within the framework of which we hope to operate more effectively.

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