For everyone

The purpose of the Res Iudicata Association, as set out in its Bylaws, is to promote, through its outreach and educational activities, the awareness of the law and the acceptance of the values of the rule of law in society, to deepen the recognition of the judicial profession and to increase public confidence in the judiciary. Therefore, we consider it important to ensure that people can learn and understand the functioning of the judiciary, the specificities of judicial work and the path leading to judicial decisions in a wider society. 

In the course of our work and as private citizens, we are asked many questions on a daily basis that show that the judiciary is still the least understood branch of power, but still comes into contact with almost everyone in the course of some proceedings in their lives, and our work is often the focus of public interest and social criticism. Therefore, we consider it one of the main activities of the Association to organise and participate in public events, presentations and discussions with an active judicial role in order to make the activities of the courts more understandable and to bring judges closer to the people whose cases they decide.

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