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The purpose of the Res Iudicata Association, as set out in its Bylaws, is to promote, through its outreach and educational activities, the awareness of the law and the acceptance of the values of the rule of law in society, to deepen the recognition of the judicial profession and to increase public confidence in the judiciary. Therefore, we consider it important to ensure that people can learn and understand the functioning of the judiciary, the specificities of judicial work and the path leading to judicial decisions in a wider society. 

In the course of our work and as private citizens, we are asked many questions on a daily basis that show that the judiciary is still the least understood branch of power, but still comes into contact with almost everyone in the course of some proceedings in their lives, and our work is often the focus of public interest and social criticism. Therefore, we consider it one of the main activities of the Association to organise and participate in public events, presentations and discussions with an active judicial role in order to make the activities of the courts more understandable and to bring judges closer to the people whose cases they decide.


In our new program, we talk to the employees of the Dózsa György street homeless shelter so that they can  provide even more effective help with our contribution. Our members, dr. Adrienn Laczó and dr. Zoltán Gebe, started a crash course in criminal procedure right away.

Cooperation with MENSA Hungariqa

We are pleased to report that our association has entered into cooperation with the Mensa Hungariqa Association. As part of this, we will launch a wide-ranging series of programs from March. At the events we will talk about general and special topics concerning law and courts among the members of the Mensa Hungariqa Association and our invitees.

In March 2023 our guest, Sára Ránki provided us some extremely interesting informations about the role of linguistics in criminal investigation

In January 2023 we were talking about cryptocurrencies
In November, we talked again at Mensa Hungariqa, this time about the answers to the problems posed by drugs, from here and beyond criminal law…. Judge György Ignácz, president of our association, invited criminologist Zsolt Németh and lawyer Tamás Fazekas to think together to discuss the topic.
On September 8, 2022, we visited Mensa again, this time talking about the relationship between court and public.
On 21 June 2022, in Mensa Adrienn Laczó talked to Anita Nagy, administrative judge of the Metropolitan Court of Budapest, and Tamás Molnár, a member of the European Agency for Fundamental Rights, about refugee rights and migrants.
On May 17, 2022, the next conversation took place in Mensa. Tamás Matusik, head of the investigation team of the Central District Court of Buda, Adrienn Laczó, a judge of the Metropolitan  Court of Budapest and József Lőrik, a lawyer, talked about the practice of coercive measures. In particular, the fundamental change in attitudes of law and law enforcers in recent years/decades, i.e. the practice of restricting people’s fundamental rights is acceptable only to the extent and for the period of time which is most necessary, and that the practice that is approaching closer to European expectations.

On April 19, 2022, we had our second conversation at Mensa. Katalin Ocskó family law judge and Ibolya Hirtling criminal judge talked about what and how to do if children drift/enter the machinery of justice as interested, witnesses, victims or even perpetrators. We got a lot of questions, we tried to answer them.

Mensa Hungariqua, 2022 március
On the opening night of the series on 22 March, with the participation of the members of the association’s presidency, we will examine the relationship between the rule of law and the judiciary. Special topics will also take place on the other evenings planned for the monthly period, for example, the organization of our event entitled Children in justice is also being prepared for April.

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